Best UFO Evidence 2013 | Recent UFO Sightings

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Best UFO Evidence 2013 | Recent UFO Sightings

Best UFO Evidence 2013 – A collection of some of the most recent ufo sightings from around the world.

Recent UFO Sightings Claims that some UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin and claims of alien abduction have not been substantiated and both phenomena can be easily and simply explained without invoking little green men with anal probes.

First hand accounts of interactions with ETs tend to be anecdotal and often unreliable with little or no physical evidence presented. As a result, investigation of alien encounters by science is difficult.

Since ETs seem reluctant to do their abductions in or around appropriately equipped scientific laboratories, we have no hard evidence or reason to believe that they are on Earth interacting with us on a near daily basis.  Best UFO Evidence 2013

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